1 February 2011

In 2011 Ecobuild moves to its new home at the ExCeL exhibition and conference centre at the heart of the new Green Enterprise District in London’s Docklands.

Alpha will be exhibiting its range of energy saving solutions, showcasing leading products SolarSmart, GasSaver and FlowSmart to exhibition visitors.

Recognised in SAP, these heating and hot water products are proven to help achieve the sustainability and CO2 emissions levels that today’s Building Regulations demand. They provide genuinely practical and cost-effective solutions that can be easily incorporated into a wide range of projects.

SolarSmart, GasSaver and FlowSmart are all designed to work with existing boiler technology. SolarSmart, for example, works with a combination boiler, which makes it more efficient than traditional solar thermal systems that use a standard boiler. The stored volume of hot water in the wall-mountable 90 litre cylinder is heated only by collected solar energy – no gas is used in maintaining its temperature.

GasSaver sits above the boiler and works by recycling waste heat from boiler flue gases. This warmth can then be used to pre-heat cold mains water before it enters the boiler. As a result, the boiler works to heat warm rather than cold water resulting in around 35% less gas being used helping to reduce energy costs whilst saving up to half a ton of carbon per year.

FlowSmart is ideal for use in situations experiencing a higher than average hot water demand, such as large households, as it can deliver large volumes of hot water to multiple outlets at the same time. FlowSmart incorporates a CD35C combination boiler, a GasSaver flue gas heat recovery unit and either a 25 or 50 litre thermal store allowing it to meet intensive hot water demands. FlowSmart is approved by the NHBC in accordance with Chapter 8.1 for simultaneous draw-offs up to 18 L/min.

Alpha is committed to delivering a range of energy efficient solutions that are cost effective and achieve a significant reduction in the amount of gas used to provide heating and hot water. At Ecobuild, we will deliver a ‘hands on’ approach to the understanding of each product, whilst offering help and advice as to how our products can be put to use on a whole range of projects where carbon reduction and the need to meet sustainability targets are important driving factors.

Ecobuild takes place from 1st – 3rd March 2011 at ExCeL London. Come and visit us on stand N1950.