Alpha is part of the Immergas Group, which operates in 30 countries including 8 in Europe. Market leader in its home country of Italy, Immergas has produced over 5 million boilers alone and is arguably Europe’s leading heating appliance manufacturer.

Covering 50,000 square metres, the Immergas headquarters houses some of the most advanced manufacturing, research and development facilities to be found anywhere in the world.

With all this at our disposal, we are able to indulge our passion for product innovation. Evident across all our ranges, this approach enables us to develop truly unique solutions to the supply, cost and environmental issues associated with traditional energy resources such as gas.


Immergas is certified ISO 9001:2000, issued by the prestigious German organisation TÜV, in recognition of the extreme reliability of company quality management processes.

All aspects of the company’s operation are covered – including design and product development, incoming materials acceptance, manufacturing processes, and after-sales service.

Checks are carried out daily on random samples of finished products, repeating the checks that were previously performed on every single boiler during the assembly stage. In a specific laboratory, specialist personnel test boilers every day with nothing left to chance – even down to the technical documentation and packaging.


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