A smart (wireless) thermostat will most certainly help to reduce your home heating bills but we are often asked: what exactly are they; and how do they work. The answer is quite simple, especially if you are used to using apps on your smart phone or tablet as the concept is the same; that is to say, a smart (wireless) thermostat links your central heating combi boiler with a dedicated app. This means that as long as you have home broadband you can use your smartphone as a remote control for your heating.

Using the app you can customise your system’s settings according to your heating preferences and personal schedule. Simply enter your desired temperature and an indication of your typical daily routine (eg for weekdays and/or weekends) and the smart (wireless) thermostat will do the rest. Based on the information entered it will ensure your room is at your desired temperature when you get home while saving as much energy as possible when you are away. This is achieved by keeping the temperature as low as possible for as long as possible for maximum energy efficiency.

In addition, some apps will even display how much heat you are using in real time so you can track energy efficiency and savings for yourself. Such features – together with the instant control that smart thermostats facilitate remotely or at home – have made them increasingly popular with today’s homeowners. Often users find smart thermostats much easier to use than regular programmable thermostats. This means you will use it more often and, if your schedule changes, you will feel more confident in tweaking the programming as adjustments could not be easier to make.

Using the Alpha Connect combi wireless thermostat, for example, gives you complete and easy control of your heating using the Alpha Connect app on an iOS or Android device. You can customise your system’s settings based on your preferences and create a heating schedule with ease. This wireless thermostat also features geolocation fencing capabilities that can offer a reminder to check the heating and adjust the schedule if necessary when you leave the house.

Compatible with all Alpha E-Tec combi boilers, this wireless thermostat also shares the same warranty as the boiler it’s fitted with, which means up to 13 years cover if installed with an E-Tec Plus and PremierPack Extra.