19 March 2010
Alpha heating Innovation is stepping-up its involvement in the commercial heating sector with the imminent launch of a dedicated Light Commercial Division.

Explaining the strategy behind this development, Alpha Managing Director, Cliff Jones, commented: “Driven by the EUPD and the EPBD, European legislation to improve heating system efficiency and reduce carbon emissions is going to put the spotlight on larger commercial buildings over the coming years.”

“We’re going to be launching some really exciting products that have been developed specifically to help achieve the increasingly ambitious energy efficiency targets that will be introduced for this building sector.”

“We firmly believe that, these product launches combined with the innovative approach we have here to heating and hot water design, gives us a lot to offer this market in the future. Without doubt, this dedicated division will enable us to serve the commercial sector far more effectively.”

Alpha has seen sales of its light commercial CD50S and CD70S boilers grow considerably since launching them in 2009, and is about to introduce two higher output models to the range – the CD90S and CD115S.

All four boilers will be available to install in a cascade system set-up, making them ideal for larger commercial buildings as a more fuel efficient alternative to a larger output boiler operating on its own. Not surprisingly, Alpha will also be launching a selection of cascade system controls and accessories later this year.

Alpha intends to supplement these boilers with District Heating units, Commercial Solar Systems and, most significantly a product called Blade.

Blade is a complete pre-configured heating and hot water server that utilises the principles of Alpha’s existing FlowSmart system, which has proved a big hit in the housing sector. It allows the hot water delivery system to be more accurately matched to demand, dramatically improving the energy performance and carbon footprint of the building.

Like FlowSmart, it incorporates passive flue heat recovery technology developed by Zenex Technologies and greatly reduces the need to permanently store large quantities of hot water in order to satisfy demand. The Blade system solution has already been successfully installed in a number of commercial buildings and has been proven to dramatically reduce energy usage and carbon emissions.

The new venture will use Alpha’s existing infrastructure, operating from its headquarters in Wrotham Heath, Kent. Where appropriate, the company will introduce additional support services and processes to help develop business. These will be engaged directly, as well as through nominated partners.