7 December 2021


Almost seven in 10 Britons (68 percent) hope for a white Christmas each year
However, 62 percent admit they would prefer a warmer Christmas this year if it meant they could save money on their heating bills
Almost three quarters (74 percent) will consider using the heating less during the festive season in order to save money

Ever since Bing Crosby hit the airwaves in 1942 with Irving Berlin’s nostalgic song, ‘White Christmas’, snow-laden vistas and frosted windows have defined the perfect festive setting for many of us. Yet whilst almost seven in 10 Britons (68 percent) continue to hold out hope for a snowy Christmas, new research has revealed that 62% would actually prefer a warm Yuletide if it meant they could save on their dreaded winter heating bills this year.
The research comes as the collapse of further energy firms is predicted for the coming weeks, following the 22 suppliers which have already folded since September 2021 . With the energy price cap now expected to rise by over 40% next April, the UK is bracing itself for an increase in household bills and looking for ways to conserve home running costs. As a result, almost three quarters (74 percent) would consider using the heating less during the festive season in order to save money.
Darran Smith, Technical Manager here at Alpha Heating Innovation, commented: “With gas prices set to radically increase in 2022 and fuel poverty likely to extend far beyond the four million households already struggling to pay their energy bills, it is little wonder that most of us would happily forego a white Christmas. We are urging households to consider ways of keeping their heating bills manageable over the festive period and look to establish some good home heating habits now before the price hikes arrive.”
When it comes to the nation’s Christmas finances, a warm home features in the top three items which UK households prioritise (38 percent), along with presents for friends and family (53 percent) and festive food (52 percent).
The top 10 things Brits prioritise financially over the Christmas period:

Lovely presents for friends and family (53%)
Festive food (52%)
A warm home (38%)
Trees and decorations (29%)
Christmas lights (26%)
Alcohol (24%)
Posting gifts/cards (17%)
Days out (14%)
Nights out (13%)
Hosting Christmas parties (12%)

But there’s good news. Whilst gift budgets can be set and purse strings for food tightened, there are simple and efficient ways to save on heating bills without compromising on comfort.
Darran continues: “One of the best ways to heat your home economically is to learn how to control the settings of your heating system so it delivers the optimum temperature for your lifestyle and comfort level, while ensuring you only use the energy you need.
“Don’t waste energy on heating the whole house all night. If you have thermostatic radiator valves, turn them down or off in rooms that aren’t regularly used. Think about what room temperature you normally set and reduce it by just 1ºC – you won’t notice any difference but you can cut heating bills by up to £105 a year in a typical home. And finally, put on an extra layer such as that festive must-have: the Christmas jumper. Very simple; but it never fails to make a surprisingly big difference.”
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