Alpha launches E-Tec Hybrid Heat Pump Solution

16 January 2023

With the UK urging homeowners to be more environmentally conscious in helping to achieve net zero ambitions by 2050, leading heating manufacturer Alpha has launched a brand-new hybrid heating system, E-Tec Hybrid. The new packaged heat pump solution offers the perfect pathway into renewable heating without losing the reliability offered by the tried-and-tested gas boiler.
Offering a full hybrid solution, the Alpha E-Tec 33 boiler is connected with the Alpha E-Tec EHP external heat pump unit. Combine this with the Smartech controls, and you have high efficiency heating and hot water, providing consumers with a green heating alternative.

Working to be as efficient as possible, the system cleverly combines live energy prices with the outdoor temperature to choose the most efficient combination to heat your home; and when hot water is required, it is provided instantly by the gas boiler. To ensure that your property is heated efficiently, Alpha’s new hybrid system automatically adjusts the heating flow and water temperature in the radiators depending on demand and also the outside temperature.

The maximum you can heat the water can also be adjusted for the heating circuit; however, this will still vary depending on outside temperatures as the system calculates the most efficient one required.

For homes without an airing cupboard or those looking to free up some cupboard space, the E-Tec Hybrid is perfect as the hot water is instantaneous and the need for hot water storage is no longer needed. The new system can also run-on existing pipework meaning that the homeowner doesn’t need to worry about any drastic changes to their heating system, such as upgrading radiators.


  • Always chooses the cheapest fuel source based on the current energy tariff
  • Instantaneous hot water on demand; no need for stored hot water
  • No need to upgrade existing heating system; minimising install costs
  • Simple hydronic layout; easy to install, typically one-day installation
  • Hydrogen blend compatible (up to 20% hydrogen)
  • Anti-freeze protection, without the need of glycol
  • 5 Year Warranty on approved and correctly installed/maintained installation

Daniel Wilden, renewable product manager for Alpha, comments: “The new E-Tec Hybrid solution offers the best of both worlds in renewable technology of an air-to-water heat pump with a familiar gas condensing boiler. With more and more people looking to move towards renewable energy and save money on their energy bills, the E-Tec Hybrid is the perfect solution in moving towards a greener heating alternative.

Specialist training for installers

Offering dedicated training to installers, Alpha is proud to support installers with the transition to renewable heating systems. Soon to be available at various locations nationwide, Alpha’s in-house specialists provide practical advice on system designs, key features and considerations when fitting a heat pump; together with expert, hands-on training in product positioning and installation.

Alpha encourages installers to attend its free training centres in order to improve product knowledge and skills, and stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and gain practical hands-on experience. Those who take up the training also have the opportunity to discuss the latest energy saving products and relevant legislation. Hybrid training is available in several locations nationwide to ensure it’s accessible to as many installers as possible, namely: Alpha’s head office in Kent; Barnsley, Glasgow, Plymouth and Walsall. Those interested can also watch an Introduction to the E-Tec Hybrid by Daniel Wilden on our YouTube channel.

For more information on our training courses and centres, visit the Installer Training page of our website.