Fernox Total Filter TF1 Supplied with Alpha Domestic Boilers

22 July 2010
Having teamed up with another leading brand, Fernox, Alpha Heating Innovation has taken a further step forward in providing unprecedented long-term peace of mind to their customers.  
Following on from a hugely successful New Year national installer promotion, from 1 September 2010 Alpha will be supplying the revolutionary Fernox Total Filter TF1 in-the-box with its CDC combis and domestic CDS system boilers. To celebrate what is yet another industry-first, these boilers will come with an extended 5-year guarantee as standard when purchased before the end of 2010.  
The result of this collaboration is, arguably, the ultimate boiler package – a top rated appliance from a company with a reputation for reliability, along with the back-up of extended parts and labour cover, plus built-in protection for the whole heating system.
The TF1 filter is truly unique, combining hydrocyclonic and magnetic action to remove, trap and contain both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants from the heating system and, in-turn, protecting the boiler.
It can be easily installed direct to vertical or horizontal pipework. All valves and fittings are included for convenient installation, and there is a dosing point for Fernox ‘F’ range products. Cleaning can take place in-situ when necessary in just seconds – without the need to remove or dismantle it.
Alpha’s parts and labour guarantees cover every boiler component supplied so, in the unlikely event that a fault develops within the guarantee period, there is no need to worry.  
There are six boilers to choose from – the CD25C, CD28C and CD35C combis, plus the CD12S, CD20S and CD28S system boilers. They are all SEDBUK Band ‘A’ rated plus Energy Saving Trust recommended, and can be used alongside Alpha’s GasSaver and SolarSmart products to improve system energy efficiency.
They share the same sleek case design, with stylish curved edges and high gloss finish and, measuring just 720 x 440 x 300mm, are ideal for positioning alongside standard kitchen cupboards.
Other features shared by both CDC and CDS Alpha boilers include a stainless steel heat exchanger, factory fitted valves and tails, 2m flying mains lead, daily pump kick, frost thermostat, automatic bypass, anticycling device and a fully modulating low NOx burner.
CDC models also have a Seasonality Valve, which automatically adjusts the DHW flow rate by up to 35% based on the seasonal temperature of incoming mains water.
With the cut-off date of the original promotion being extended due to popularity, it is clear that this particular package from Alpha is successfully satisfying a demand for greater peace of mind. The company is therefore delighted that it is able to make the Fernox TF1 Total Filter available with selected boilers on a permanent basis.