5 April 2016

Want added protection for your Alpha boiler, plus two extra years on the standard guarantee?

Then you should simply be investing in an Alpha PremierPack Plus. This piece of engineering incorporates the new and improved Alpha Cyclone Device. What this does is remove debris from the heating system – pretty much a spring clean for you boiler!
The technology is proven to reduce instances of boiler failure through damage to the boilers pump, making it almost essential for longevity purposes.
It also comes packed with a host of premium features, helping make the installation of your high efficiency boiler that much quicker and easier. These include:
• Integral pipe clip plate with variable fixing points
• Copper earth bonding plate, pre-cut to the fit the boiler pipework configuration
Interested in finding out more about the PremierPack Plus? Then give us a call on 0844 871 8764 today.