28 October 2014

The ProTec range is the new addition to Alpha Heating Innovation’s light commercial offering. The fan-assisted condensing boilers are available in four models ranging from 50kw to 115kw. For projects with even higher load requirements and using the latest range of accessories the system has the capability of achieving a maximum output of over 500kW by cascading up to five boilers.

Built from high-quality components, the range has been designed with larger-scale commercial and residential properties in mind. The ProTec boilers also offer substantial ‘green’ benefits, such as energy efficiency, working at around 107% efficiency at maximum load condensing and low emissions, releasing less that 40mg of NOx per kWh. 

The optional Boiler Cascade Manager spreads the load evenly between the boilers, optimising the ever-changing demands of the system. This helps to provide a rapid warm up time in response to multiple requests. Independently if demand falls low enough, a single boiler can run on its minimum output, minimising energy use.

Justin Jearum, Commercial Product Engineer at Alpha Heating Innovation commented: “It is important to look at projects individually and be able to provide a heating solution that is specific to a building’s needs. This is exactly what we have accomplished with the ProTec range, where we are able to provide a greater output to installations that require it, while integrating Alpha’s low emissions, high efficiency technology.” 

All products in Alpha’s light commercial range also come with a three-year guarantee, offering added peace of mind to installers and specifiers.