19 October 2012

Alpha Heating Innovation has welcomed the latest Green Deal cashback announcement but cautions that more must be done to support the industry.

“Announcing details of the cashback is a real step forward as we progress towards January and the issue of the first Green Deal loan, especially as consumers can claim on Flue Gas Heat Recovery when they upgrade or replace an old non-condensing boiler,” said Steve Hopkins, Product Marketing Manager of Alpha Heating Innovation.

The cashback is capped at 50% of the householder’s contribution and this latest announcement accounts for £40m, the first cash injection set aside by the Government to promote the deal to the consumer.

“All incentives are welcome in order to promote uptake of the Green Deal, however more can be done to help the industry sell-in the Green Deal to consumers. This latest round of incentives is definitely a good start but there are considerable opportunities that would help the work of everyone involved – from installers to Green Deal assessors and providers.

“Alpha will continue to work closely with all partners as we move towards the first Green Deal installations to make sure the heating sector can play an active role in this energy saving scheme.”