19 April 2021

When you’re getting started on a refurbishment project, particularly in a time-pressured market like hotels, it can be tempting to get on with the job. At Alpha Heating Innovation, however, our experience of working with clients in the hotel market has shown that asking the right questions at the start of a project pays dividends in the long term.

Information-gathering with your client early in the project reduces the likelihood of errors and delivers better outcomes for heating system performance. It also means that you can select the boiler that meets your customer’s needs while ensuring easy installation.

The current heating system – and building

A review of the building and current heating system is vital for any refurbishment project. Older buildings can pose particular challenges, such as small plant rooms; or awkward doorways and stairways to negotiate when bringing in new kit.

It is essential to ask the client if the building fabric has been improved, for example, with higher U-value window replacements. It’s also helpful to know if other fabric improvements are planned in the future, impacting heating requirements.

The Alpha Heating Innovation AresTec is an excellent option for challenging refurbishment projects. It is a modular boiler within a single casing, so it has a small footprint, making it ideal for small plantrooms with access issues. The AresTec can also be sited outside the building if required – without any modification or additional accessories.

Sizing – getting it right

Modern condensing boilers operate so differently from their older non-condensing counterparts that it is important not to assume a like-for-like size will work for your refurbishment project.

Get to know the client’s requirements with some accuracy. The hotel’s size and capacity (number of rooms) are obvious points to note as they will affect how much hot water is required. Ask if the hotel has seasonal peaks as well. And check for event spaces, such as a large conference room, as this will impact heating and hot water needs.

When sizing your project, keep in mind the potential of the modular cascade approach rather than a single boiler. At Alpha Heating Innovation, we have found that our modular boilers, such as the AresTec range, are very popular in the hotel sector.

As a modular boiler within a single casing, one of its main benefits is that it offers built-in backup should one of the boilers fail and during maintenance. That’s an essential feature for hotels, where a reliable supply of heating and hot water are business-critical issues.

Calculating daily peak demand

Hotels experience peak demands for hot water in the morning as guests are preparing for the day ahead. Ask your client the timings for this, as the difference between peak and off-peak heating demands can be significant. It is essential to select a boiler that can meet fluctuating demands without reducing energy efficiency.

The Alpha Heating Innovation AresTec offers a 1-in-40 modulation, so it can reduce its output to less than 3% of its maximum potential. The boiler, therefore, adapts to widely varying loads while offering consistently high energy efficiency – keeping energy costs low for the end-user.

The AresTec is also supplied with built-in controls, making it easy for the client to manage their heating system while eliminating the additional costs of control panel installation.

Getting the job done

Time is money, so the more efficiently you can work, the better. And clients in the hotel sector want minimal downtime for their heating and hot water. So selecting the boiler that also matches your needs as a contractor is essential.

Alpha Heating Innovation has designed its boiler systems with this in mind. The AresTec is a modular condensing system in a single unit – so it has single connections, making that part of the job quick and simple. It also has one flue connection that can run in plastic or stainless steel single wall material. As a result, flue runs are more straightforward and less intrusive.

At Alpha Heating Innovation, our focus is on helping our customers meet their clients’ needs with a range of products that deliver energy efficiency, robust operation, and straightforward installation. If you would like more information, you can download the information guide from our website or get in touch with your questions.