24 October 2012

With Big Energy Saving Week well under way our minds are focused on finding heating systems that burn less gas, are cheaper to run and are less harmful to the environment.

GasSaver, which is an Energy Saving Trust (EST) recommended product, can often provide the most practical and cost-effective solution.

The clever unit is easily sited above any Alpha boiler, reducing the amount of gas used to provide hot water by an average of 35% a year.

Compact and completely silent in operation, GasSaver operates without any controls, settings or maintenance. It is compatible with Alpha’s range of SEDBUK Band ‘A’ rated high efficiency boilers, which includes combi, system and regular options.

What’s more, the relatively low initial outlay means a short payback period, in turn making GasSaver the perfect solution for homeowners wanting to take the first step towards enjoying the benefits of ‘renewable’ energy technology.

GasSaver is also available built-in with the new InTec GS integrated GasSaver boiler.

For those interested in reducing gas consumption further, SolarSmart not only provides domestic hot water at no cost, but offers improved energy efficiency over other solar thermal systems. Because it operates with a combination boiler, no gas is used in storing hot water unnecessarily.

The hot water stored in the cylinder is heated using only energy collected by the solar panel&nbnbsp;and even on cloudy days, is enough to satisfy the hot water requirements of an average household.