Majority of Green Deal Cash Back Vouchers for Boilers

1 July 2013

Alpha Heating Innovation responds to the huge take-up of boiler cash back under the Green Deal.

“The figures released showing that the majority of cash back vouchers issued have been for boilers highlights that as a country we are not yet in a position to switch to full-scale renewable heating,” said Jerry Studden, MD of Alpha Heating Innovation.

“Boilers are still a huge feature of millions of UK homes and most are still heated by old and inefficient boilers so it’s completely understandable why homeowners are swayed towards this option within the Green Deal package. Unlike some renewables, which can take a while to see the benefits, installing a new high-efficiency boiler delivers instantaneous reductions in emissions and costs.

“Plus, we have to remember that even though boilers do use gas, modern systems use considerably less – even more so when you take into account that boiler technology has evolved to work alongside renewable solutions such as Solar Thermal. Of the 968 vouchers that have been paid to date, almost all of these have been for boiler replacements so instead of demonising boiler replacement within the Green Deal we should look at what the figures are trying to tell us and alter the way we’re looking at the Green Deal.

“We should be very wary of splitting the camp in half under the Green Deal following the news of the cash back vouchers, the whole heating sector should remain unified and progress as one in order to try and maximise potential for both the industry and the public.”