23 January 2012

In recognition of the need for today’s installers to increase their skills set, Alpha has launched two new training courses for 2012 and expanded the length of their training season.

The BPEC Energy Efficiency course has been designed to provide existing installers with the expertise to advise customers on how to get the best from their central heating systems. Ideal for those installers gearing up for the Green Deal, the course delivers an in depth understanding of system layouts, controls and components, as well as advice on the best way to install a system to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Following the training session, participants will be assessed and completion will allow suitably qualified individuals to join competent person schemes, allowing self-certification and notification to local authority building control departments of work completed.

The second additional course is also a BPEC aimed at experienced plumbers who want to become approved contractors for water undertakers, local authorities and housing associations. Water Regulations and Water Byelaws covers thirteen learning modules that cover everything from background to flushing devices and commissioning. Also suited to the course are those who inspect or design plumbing installations for compliance with current water regulations.

Holding a BPEC or WRAS Certificate should prove an engineer’s knowledge of Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 is strong enough to become an approved contractor – provided they meet the other criteria laid down by the water undertakers. It is also possible that local authorities and housing associations will stipulate that plumbing contractors are also approved contractors for water services.

Sean Keleher, Training Manager at Alpha said: “The addition of these two courses demonstrates that Alpha is looking after the future of its installers, putting core skills training in place to help engineers make the most of changing regulations and demands in the heating sector. We have also increased the length of time during the year that we will offer our courses – they now run March until October. This gives installers a chance to make sure they can upskill or refresh any training in the typically quiet months prior to the heating season kicking off.”

Both new courses are currently running at Alpha’s Bolton training centre, further information, including pricing and details of other Alpha training courses can be found at