22 October 2009

Alpha Heating Innovation’s Italian parent company, Immergas, and Zenex Technologies have recently signed a new agreement regarding GasSaver, the passive boiler flue heat recovery unit.

The deal, which will see Immergas manufacturing the Zenex product from the early part of 2010, is the latest development in a long-standing partnership between the two companies.

Alpha was the first UK boiler brand to recognise the potential of GasSaver, and has had a successful trading relationship with Zenex since 2005.

In that time, the company has put considerable investment into the promotion of GasSaver, helping to develop a strong market for the product in the UK.

In addition to GasSaver, Alpha has also been instrumental in developing a market for other patented Zenex technologies. Both Immergas and Zenex believe that the new agreement will help accelerate development of their technology into new products and market sectors into the future.

In a statement issued on behalf of Alpha Heating Innovation and Zenex Technologies, Alpha’s Managing Director, Cliff Jones, says: “Alpha has been committed to the undoubted energy and carbon saving benefits of the Zenex passive flue heat recovery system for some time. In that time, we have been particularly pleased to see the benefits of Zenex’s ‘Cool Flue’ technology, recognised within the SAP methodology and software.”

He continues: “Many designers and house builders are also now seeing how Alpha system solutions can help achieve significant carbon savings against their targets in an affordable and simple way. We are delighted that we shall now be able to continue to develop this patented technology along with Immergas and Zenex, and look forward to seeing it realise its full market potential.”