NHS Health Centre Fitted with Alpha Condensing Boiler

17 May 2010
Since announcing last year that, from early 2010, our parent is to manufacture Zenex Technologies’ GasSaver unit, we’ve been busy behind the scenes making some important improvements to the product.
Having been the first UK boiler brand to recognise the potential of the revolutionary flue heat recovery unit, Alpha has enjoyed an extremely successful trading relationship with Zenex. Both companies believed that an agreement for Immergas to manufacture GasSaver would accelerate its development – along with other products and market sectors.
These initial improvements to GasSaver, demonstrate the new manufacturing agreement is clearly already paying off.
First of all, we’ve brought GasSaver’s design in line with that of our boilers. So, with its gloss white casing and curved edges, it looks the perfect match and creates an overall look that’s far more cohesive and pleasing to the eye. This, of course, is particularly important to the homeowner if the installation isn’t hidden away in a cupboard.
Secondly, we’ve also added two 90° right angle factory tails, which connect onto the inlet and outlet of the GasSaver.
And finally, we’ve pre-set and locked the supplied blending valve at the required 30°C. Along with the new factory tails, this makes installation much easier and quicker. It also prevents anyone incorrectly adjusting the valve in the future.