• Increases boiler warranty by additional 1 year
  • Uses centrifugal and magnetic force to remove debris from the heating system
  • Fits directly to the boiler connections
Alpha Cyclone Plus magnetic filter
  • Easy to install
  • Sits neatly under the boiler
  • BS7593:2019 compliant (inline filter must be fitted to all new installs)

Our Cyclone Plus filter is just one way you can increase the standard warranty on an Alpha combi.

It’s easy to install and fits directly to the boiler connections, helping to reduce the build up of debris in the heating system.

Fitting one adds an extra year to the standard boiler warranty.

Changes to Building Regulations mean that an inline filter must be installed with new combination boiler installations to help prevent a build-up of debris. As well as protecting the boiler from potential damage, it will assist in making the heating system more efficient, leading to lower fuel bills and carbon emissions.


Fitting the ingenious PremierPack wall-mounting jig automatically provides the protection of our Cyclone Plus magnetic filter.

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The Alpha Protection Pack improves the reliability and efficiency of your Alpha boiler and adds an extra year to the standard warranty.

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