• 5 year guarantee
  • Simple installation
  • Ideal for households with above average hot water demands
  • Space efficient
  • Delivers hot water for long periods
  • Low voltage PV immersion kit available
  • High flow rate unaffected by demand
  • Uses 25% less gas than conventional system boiler set-ups


For homes with above average hot water demands, look no further than FlowSmart. FlowSmart at last enables even large households to enjoy the energy efficiency benefits of the combination boiler.

The combination boiler is the best and most energy efficient option for most homes with average hot water demands. They provide hot water only when there is a demand and operate without the need to keep a permanent store of hot water.

But due to limits on the combi boiler’s ability to supply large volumes of hot water to a number of outlets at the same time, the less efficient conventional boiler and hot water cylinder set-up is the usual choice for larger properties.

The Alpha FlowSmart system overcomes these issues and in fact, more than matches the hot water performance of a system boiler and 200 litre unvented cylinder, while using 25% less gas.

The original FlowSmart system incorporates either an E-Tec Plus 33 boiler with separate GasSaver unit, or an InTec 40GS2, with a 50 litre floor-standing thermal store. A combined wall-hung version is also available, with an InTec 40GS2 boiler and ‘bolt-on’ wall-hung thermal store.

Piping Kit with InTec 40GS2
Part Number: 3.022913
Wall-hung FlowSmart
Part Number: 6.2004555
FlowSmart with E-Tec Plus 33 and floorstanding cylinder
Part Number: 6.2003555
FlowSmart with InTec 40GS2 and floorstanding cylinder
Part Number: 6.2005555


  1. When there is a hot water demand, mains cold water flows into the GasSaver, where it is pre-heated using heat reclaimed from boiler flue gases.
  2. It then passes through the thermalstore’s coil heat exchanger where it is heated further by surrounding hot water from the primary system (also known as the central heating system).
  3. The water then passes through a blending valve, where it is controlled to an optimum 3°C before entering the boiler. Energy bills and carbon emissions are significantly reduced.
  4. Due to the mains water being pre-heated, the boiler’s workload is significantly reduced.