Kent pupils learn about climate change with Alpha and Our Classroom Climate

18 March 2024

Here at Alpha we have joined forces with Our Classroom Climate to help pupils learn about climate change and carbon measurement. As part of this project we recently visited lucky students at Snodland C of E Primary School to carry out an interactive session.

The programme saw pupils take part in a special assembly with Mark Douglas from Our Climate Classroom, as well as experts at Alpha, to learn more about climate change, the effects of carbon dioxide and where it comes from, and what more they can be doing at home to help the planet.

Pupils got exclusive access to a dedicated science box, funded by Alpha, containing all the equipment needed for experiments including centrifuge, scales and algal bioreactor. This clever kit sees spirulina grow as it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air to create ‘little trees,’ offering the pupils a tangible way to understand and measure the air quality in their classroom.

Eager to support the future generation in understanding the importance of climate change, Alpha and Our Classroom Climate’s partnership will see Snodland C of E pupils also receive further resources and materials via an online learning package, including over 100 interactive activities and a guide for teachers to deliver these lessons.

Speaking of the session at Snodland C of E Primary School, Year 5 teacher Sophie Gibson, said: “We’re so grateful to Our Classroom Climate and Alpha for the interesting session they held for our year five pupils. The children were really engaged with the talks and videos which were helpful and educational, and we love having the ‘little trees’ now in the classroom.

“These types of sessions and support from local businesses really help us as we have the new curriculum from the government encouraging us to have a more climate-friendly classroom, and to think about climate change within our science lesson delivery. Having the lessons prepared for us from the specialists at Our Classroom Climate is highly valuable for us teachers.”

The pupils had a lot of praise for the session too. Bella commented: “I liked how we learned about how climate change affects our planet and how we can fix it. The spirulina experiment was amazing and it’s interesting how it absorbs the CO2 in the air to make it more clean for us to breathe in.”

Science-lover Leon added: “We are really grateful to have this provided free to our school as it’s equipment we may otherwise not have been able to use. I’m trying to do more at home to help with climate change including turning off the lights and doing more recycling.”

Commenting on working with Our Classroom Climate on this project, Catherine Lawrence, Marketing Manager for Alpha says: “We are proud to be working with Our Classroom Climate to help them deliver this UK-first education programme. The carbon measurement and algal bioreactor helps our future generation not only learn about carbon as an invisible concept but to really ‘see’ the carbon in the air they breathe.

“As a business which seeks to be one-step ahead of the UK’s journey to Net Zero, education will really play a key part in helping us all to understand the need to reduce carbon emissions in our homes, schools and more. We’re proud to offer a full range of renewable heating solutions helping the UK edge closer to the target of Net Zero”

For further information on Our Classroom Climate and to see their education packages available, please visit Our Classroom Climate.