11 November 2011

Compatible with our new range of InTec boilers, the Trace Heating Kit will help avoid boiler breakdowns during the cold winter months.

The kit, which comprises a relay board, trace heating wire and weather probe, helps protect against the effects of frozen condensate by warming the external pipe when outside temperatures fall below 2˚C.

Unlike other kits, its 3m electric trace wire is controlled by the boiler so that it only operates when the boiler is in ‘on’ mode or, in other words, only when condensate is being produced. Electrical consumption is therefore kept to an absolute minimum.

During last year’s cold snap, around 60,000 call-outs in Yorkshire alone are said to have been made as a result of the cold weather causing this very problem. The simple installation of Alpha’s Trace Heating Kit would help avoid this problem from re-occurring, meaning the cost and inconvenience of needing repair work is eradicated.

Steve Hopkins, Product Marketing Manager for Alpha said: “Our trace heating kit is compatible with our entire range of InTec boilers and can help to avoid the problems encountered during the cold months when frozen condensate can cause a boiler to breakdown, which can be both costly and time consuming to fix.”