16 September 2010

Something that began as a one-off national installer promotion for Alpha Heating Innovation has proved so popular that the company has decided to make it a permanent fixture.

The revolutionary Fernox Total Filter TF1 will therefore now come as standard with Alpha CDC combis and domestic CDS system boilers.

Furthermore, these Alpha boilers will also come with an extended 5-year parts and labour guarantee when purchased and installed before the end of 2010.

A typical example of praise for the TF1 comes from Graeme Hunter whose business – Graeme Hunter Plumbing & Heating – is based in Alloa, Clackmannanshire.

As Graeme explains: “I fitted one of these just before I packed up work one day,” he states, “and when I returned the following morning I was amazed at the amount of rubbish that had collected in the filter.”

Graeme continues: “The magnet measures about 1in. across. Attached to this was about 2in. of rubbish … I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Noel McNeill, a partner in the newly-formed Abacus Flame based in Eastbourne, explains how his loyalty to the Alpha range has introduced him to the Fernox TF1. As he says: “I’m a big fan of Alpha boilers, and the promotion to get one of these filters free was a real bonus. I’ve now fitted quite a few of these filters, and found them to be extremely easy to install compared with similar products.”

The fact that they are fitted in-line and avoid the need for additional pipework and bends, makes the installation process quick and easy. “I simply cut into the straight piece of pipe and install the filter – no pipe bending or soldering.” Noel explains.

“I see the real benefit as being their ‘user friendly’ design,” Noel adds, “making it an easy process for cleaning. Indeed, homeowners can quite easily carry out this operation for themselves.”

On a couple of occasions, shortly after installation, Noel has had telephone calls from customers concerned about their boilers’ diagnostics indicating a blockage in the system. This blockage has been a build-up of debris in the filter … the TF1 has been doing its job admirably. “We have been able to talk-through the process of cleaning the valve over the telephone, and – sure enough – this has sorted the problem.”

Many of Noel’s experiences are echoed by Paul Dye, who runs Ask Paul’s Plumbing Services in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

As with Noel, this is the first experience for Paul with the TF1, and … “I think they’re fantastic!” he exclaims.

Paul continues, “You have a quality valve, a drain-off facility which you won’t find on similar products, and the filter itself is purpose-designed to take a 500ml Fernox inhibitor.”

“The ease of draining down is a real benefit with this filter, as is the facility to introduce inhibitor or cleanser straight into the reservoir, rather than having to carry out a pressurised fill.”

Paul explains the cleaning procedures. “To simply remove debris, the cap is removed, the magnet taken out and quickly cleaned. It is then replaced, and the system is fully working.”

For a more detailed clean, Paul is a fan of the filter’s design. “The fact that there are isolation valves either side of the filter, supplied with the product, makes life easy. These, combined with the drain plug on the underside of the unit, really make the entire process of cleaning very easy.” Paul states.

He is also impressed with the filter’s 500ml reservoir for inhibitor which is exactly the right size for the Fernox product.

“Fernox really have thought about the design of this product,” Paul continues, “and ensured high quality materials have been used throughout the manufacturing process. They have thought about how to drain it down and how to introduce inhibitors. At the moment,” he states, “this is by far the best product of its type on the market.”

The combination of a boiler with outstanding performance, a long boiler guarantee and the Fernox TF1 filter – which helps protect not just the boiler but the entire central heating system – provides installers and their customers with tremendous long-term reassurance. Clearly, this is something that many installers have already realised.