13 September 2010

Saving both energy and money with your boiler and central heating system can be easy with just a few simple changes.

  1. Ensure your central heating system includes a thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves.
  2. Use timer controls. Not running the heating when it is no longer required e.g. when no one is home, is a great way of saving energy and money.
  3. Replacing a 10 year old boiler with an efficient new one could reduce your gas bill by over £300 a year. A new Alpha CDC combi boiler now comes with a standard 5 year guarantee, which can easily be increased to 7 years if installed with the PremierPack.
  4. Turn your central heating down by one degree and don’t heat rooms when you are not using them.
  5. Decrease the hot water temperature. Your hot water thermostat needn’t be higher than 60˚C.
  6. An annual boiler service will ensure your boiler is safe and as efficient as it can be. It also means breakdowns are much less likely and the boiler and its main components will have a longer life.
  7. Take a shower. A daily bath can use 13,000 more litres of water per year than a five-minute shower.

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