Turning success into solutions

28 February 2023

It was in 1964 that the spark of an idea matured into a small business whose inventive approach to domestic climate control transformed Immergas into the renowned multinational company it is today, incorporating Alpha as a key subsidiary.
From a small workshop in Brescello, Italy, Immergas’ entrepreneurial founders – Romano Amadei, Gianni Biacchi and Giuseppe Carra – pursued a dedicated strategy of innovation in boiler technology and design.
Today, Immergas operates in 30 countries worldwide, is arguably Europe’s leading heating appliance manufacturer and can boast market leadership in its home country. Covering some 50,000m2, its Italian headquarters houses some of the most advanced manufacturing, research and development facilities in the world.
Significant investment and commitment to sustainable solutions has led to a new collaborative research and development initiative launched by Immergas, which has just reached its successful conclusion and is set to invoke great change on a European and global basis.
Investment in HyPowered research
A three-year research project co-financed by the EU and Tuscany’s Emilia Romagna Region, Immergas ‘HyPowered’ was launched to support the study and development of a prototype low-polluting condensation boiler for residential heating and hot water production. The overriding focus was the use of advanced energy sources, namely Hydrogen Gas Methane mixtures, due to their safe and efficient combustion qualities.
Such was the success of the research teams working together on HyPowered, that in late 2022 the first range of condensing boilers with Hydrogen Ready certification 20% was developed for launch. The new VICTRIX SUPERIOR boilers are able to operate with a single code on methane, LPG, propane air and a mixture of up to 20% hydrogen.
A powerful partnership
The collaborative nature of the HyPowered research project enabled Immergas to work in partnership with leading universities and research centres, namely the University of Pisa’s renowned civil and industrial engineering departments and also Bologna’s leading industrial research specialists, MISTER Smart Innovation. In addition, Immergas has invested in a significant recruitment programme for its prestigious new research hub team.
Exciting new frontiers
Ongoing investment in energy-saving technologies continues Immergas’ drive to reach the new frontiers outlined by the European Green New Deal; which – instead of gas systems – focuses on hybrid products using biogas and hydrogen to provide better solutions specifically for the domestic climate control market.
Immergas’ commitment to sustainable solutions supports Alpha’s own mission to promote renewable technologies and play a vital role in shaping the future of environmentally conscious heating.