25 January 2010

Throughout February, March and April, we are giving away the revolutionary new Fernox Total Filter TF1 with CDC combi and CDS system boilers.

But the offer doesn’t end there because each boiler will also be given an additional one year’s parts and labour guarantee, meaning they’ll be covered for a total of four years against failure. As we adopt a no-quibble policy where our guarantees are concerned, this provides exceptional peace of mind.

The Total Filter TF1, for the first time, combines hydrocyclonic and magnetic action to remove magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants. It can be easily installed, horizontally or vertically, direct to 22mm pipe work. There is no need to dismantle or remove the TF1 for cleaning, which takes just seconds. It has a dosing point for Fernox ‘F’ range products and comes with all valves and fittings for convenient installation.

With three outputs available in both CDC and CDS boiler models, there is plenty of choice. All six boast SEDBUK Band ‘A’ rating and are Energy Saving Trust recommended. Measuring just 720mm x 440mm x 300mm, they fit easily alongside standard kitchen cabinets.

Amongst the features that can be found in each of these models are a stainless steel heat exchanger, fully modulating low NOx burner, factory-fitted valves and tails, frost thermostat, automatic bypass, 2m mains lead, daily pump kick and anti-cycling device.

CDC and CDS boilers can be fitted with the optional PremierPack wall-mounting jig. As well as well as simplifying installation and enhancing the standard boiler with a host of features, this adds another two years to the guarantee period. So, if fitted in conjunction with this promotion, these boilers come with an incredible six years parts and labour cover!

Alpha Boilers have extremely high standards where component and build quality are concerned – something that goes hand in hand with the reputation we enjoy for excellent boiler reliability. The added benefits provided by the extended guarantee and the Total Filter TF1 – which helps protect the entire central heating system – make this a promotion that no one can afford to miss.