14 November 2017 BY: JUSTIN JEARUM

Heating and hot water accounts for a significant percentage of average energy use – it can be as much as 60% to be precise. For businesses these figures are rising. Luckily, there are more efficient approaches to commercial heating systems and we can help you reduce these costs.

Our ARES Tec range, for example, has a modular design, which optimises both energy efficiency and comfort levels for building occupiers. The boilers incorporate self-contained modules to provide a greater transfer of heat, each with its own down-firing pre-mix burner, fan, ignition and safety controls – particularly useful if your building has constantly changing demands.

This is done by spreading the load evenly between the heat modules so the boiler can provide a rapid warm up time in response to multiple requests. That way, when you have a quieter period and the demand falls low enough, the boiler still runs on the minimum output of a single module. Energy use is therefore minimised, giving our ARES Tec its excellent reputation for efficiency.

Of course, the other brilliant advantage of using a system that has been designed in this way is that it also allows you to avoid downtime during a service or breakdown by continuing to operate on that single module. By doing so there is no need for businesses to shut while the problem is resolved.

With all that power, you might be thinking this type of heating system dominates a space. Well actually, the ARES Tec’s footprint can be as little as 974mm by 705mm. There are so many reasons to opt for the modular approach to your heating system and this is why our range is so popular. If you want to hear more, have a look at this recent case study for Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust.