• Ten models with outputs ranging from 150-900kW
  • Ultra-low operating noise levels (<49 dBA)
  • Can be cascaded for higher output requirements
  • IPX5D rated
  • Available for NG or LPG
  • Optimum load matching
  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Minimal boiler cycling
  • Rapid warm-up time
  • High modulation range up to 1:40
  • Quick response to changing demands
  • Low NOx emissions (17 ppm, 30Mg/kWh)
  • Boiler is able to operate even if one module fails
  • Compact dimensions


The Modular Approach

Each heat generating module within our ARES Tec boilers is self-contained, with its own down-firing pre-mix gas burner, fan, ignition and safety controls.

As system load decreases, a built-in Boiler Cascade Manager modulates the boiler down to the combined minimum. As loads continue to reduce, individual modules are switched off as necessary down to a minimum output of a single module – 12 kW for 200- 350 kW models and 22kW for 440-900 kW models.

This ensures optimum load matching and minimises wasteful boiler cycling, maximising energy efficiency in the process. The combination of a high modulation ratio up to 1:40 and a high output plus very low water content ensures rapid warm-up and turn-down times for ARES Tec boilers. They are subsequently also able to respond quickly to changing demands throughout the day. Thanks to their modular design, ARES Tec boilers will continue to operate even in the unlikely event that a single module malfunctions.


  1. Optimum load matching
  2. Minimal boiler cycling
  3. Rapid warm-up time
  4. Quick response to changing demands
  5. Boiler is able to operate even if one module fails


All electrical functions on ARES Tec boilers are operated by a single integrated set of advanced microprocessor-based controls – a Boiler Cascade Manager and E8 Thermo-controller.

Housed in a pneumatically operated lift-up panel that can be closed to obscure them from view and prevent them from being tampered with, these provide full commissioning and fault diagnostic displays for individual modules.

Accessory Kits

There is a selection of complementary accessories to choose from, making ARES Tec the ultimate one-stop flexible heating solution for commercial buildings.

ARES Tec is a new range of floor standing condensing boilers that provide an infinitely flexible solution for buildings requiring a high output heating system.

Additional Information

There are ten floor-standing boilers to choose from, with outputs ranging from 150kW to 900kW. Each one is made up of a number of self-contained heat generating modules forming what is, in essence, a series of boilers linked together within a single casing. This modular design enables ARES Tec boilers to optimise energy efficiency and comfort levels for building occupiers like no other boilers available today.

Each linked module shares a single set of ancillary components including flow and return pipes, electronic controls and flue. This greatly eases the installation process and, along with the internal easy access layout of each boiler, simplifies ongoing maintenance.

Compact overall dimensions and ultra-low operating noise levels gives the system designer greater flexibility when it comes to positioning the boiler within the building.

With a host of benefits for the consultant, contractor, client and building occupier, ARES Tec boilers provide the perfect heating solution for a wide range of projects from hotels to office buildings, schools to sports centres.


COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS RANGE BROCHURE (9.61 MB) ARES Tec instructions 150-350kW (13.73 MB) ARES Tec instructions 440-900kW (12.91 MB) E8 thermo-controller instructions (2.30 MB) Engineering specification 150kW (286.52 KB) Engineering specification 200kW (264.99 KB) Engineering specification 250kW (265.18 KB) Engineering specification 300kW (265.04 KB) Engineering specification 350kW (265.18 KB) Engineering specification 440kW (271.05 KB) Engineering specification 550kW (271.13 KB) Engineering specification 660kW (271.02 KB) Engineering specification 770kW (271.04 KB) Engineering specification 900kW (271.18 KB)
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ARES Tec boilers have been built to the highest possible standards using only the very best components available. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, they are some of the most technologically advanced and innovative boilers of their type.

Each heating module features:

  • A PCB to manage the boiler
  • Automatic and pre-programmed electronic management and thermal regulation
  • Individually controlled premix modulating burner
  • Electronic ignition with flame ionisation
  • Modulating gas valve
  • Integrated fan inlet non-return valve
  • Temperature and safety sensors

For maximum heat transfer, each heating module is a counter-flow heat exchanger featuring:

  • Cast aluminium alloy with silicon and magnesium to make it light, strong and corrosion resistant
  • Serpentine water ways to optimise heat transfer
  • Cast pin design to increase surface area and boiler efficiency

To simplify siting and installation, ARES Tec boilers benefit from the following:

  • One-piece interconnecting flow and return manifolds
  • Three flue position options (rear or either side)
  • Reversible left/right handed water and gas connections (200-350 kW models)
  • A range of complementary accessory kits


Ideal for new and replacement/retrofit projects, Ares Pro boilers can be directly connected to the existing system.

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ProTec NX high output system boiler

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