Alpha Tec Boiler Installed in Leisure Centre

8 February 2019

Alpha Heating Innovation has supplied the innovative and high output ARES Tec condensing boiler to give a leisure centre in Sussex a much needed boost in energy efficiency and long term heating reliability.

The Crowhurst Park Leisure Centre near Battle required a new heating system to replace their outdated and inefficient cast-iron, oil fired boiler system. Highly-efficient and able to respond to the changing demands of the leisure industry, the A-rated ARES Tec 350 was specified by the client, who wanted to make the switch from oil to LPG and locate the boiler outside this off-grid building.

The ARES Tec 350 is a high-efficiency, condensing modular boiler able to modulate from 350kw to 12kw depending on the heat demand from the system. With a small footprint that will cope with quick changes in the facility and rapid warm up times, the ARES Tec is IPX5D rated for outside use. An outside casing for the low-loss header kit will ensure the boiler is safe and protected from the elements.

Installed by heating engineers, Abacus Flame, in the depths of winter, Alpha also provided a mobile plant room to ensure the heated swimming pool, sauna and leisure centre’s heating system was able to remain fully operational throughout the installation process.

To achieve maximum cost-effectiveness for the customer during the installation process, Alpha arranged the delivery of the new boiler to coincide with a crane so it could be placed in position ready for the installation.

Commenting on the installation, Daniel Sturch of Alpha Heating Innovation said: “The customer was impressed with the level of back-up the ARES Tec provided. If the internal BMS system were to fail, the ARES Tec comes with its own built-in E8 Controller, which would be able to manage the boiler.”

ARES Tec is able to run in an emergency mode via the built-in BMC module at 50% capacity, giving the client peace of mind that the leisure centre can operate in the harshest of situations.

Colin Simmons, Managing Partner at Crowhurst Park Leisure Club said: “Our previous 24 year old, oil fired boiler was so uneconomical that we needed to invest in a new LPG system. Alpha recommended the ARES Tec 350 due to its energy efficiency and ability to manage the heating demands of the centre. The team were very professional and we are pleased with the entire installation process. We look forward to lower energy costs.”

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