FlowSmart provides answer for new six bedroom property

15 November 2021

An installer has specified the Alpha FlowSmart with E-Tec Plus 38kW combination boiler for a large six bedroom property in Gravesend, Kent. Selected to maximise the efficiency and hot water delivery of the system overall, the solution was put forward by Area Sales Manager, Lee Mumford, who was instrumental to the success of the project.

Converting two smaller properties into one has many practical implications; and a new heating system is often a requirement. At the newly refurbished six bedroom property in Gravesend this was the case. The task of specifying and installing the new heating system fell to an installer who had worked with Alpha products in the past. He contacted his local area representative to see what assistance could be offered.

Alpha’s clear focus is providing the best possible aftersales service, evidently noted by the installer over the years. Area Sales Manager, Lee Mumford has always been incredibly enthusiastic to help with his installer base and their project work. This was the case with this project and helping to try find the right solution.

They needed to find a system that would provide sufficient heating and hot water for the whole building. Having discussed a variety of options, the FlowSmart with E-Tec Plus 38kW was selected as it could maximise performance and space efficiency.

Designed for larger properties with multiple outlets, the Alpha FlowSmart is a high output domestic hot water system that is an energy efficient substitute for the traditional hot water storage cylinder. It is compact yet supplies a more consistent supply of hot water with a flow rate of up to 18 litres per minute. There’s no recovery time and typically uses 25% less gas. This is largely due to the GasSaver flue heat recovery component included.

The system also promises longevity, with the design of the E-Tec Plus including a zinc plated expansion vessel to prevent corrosion. Furthermore, the E-Tec Plus features a high efficiency Grundfos pump and hydroblock assembly, as well as a Honeywell PCB and gas valve. As a mark of quality assurance, it comes with a 10 year warranty as standard.

The successful completion of the job was down to the open, two-way dialogue between the installer and Alpha sales representative in ways they could collaboratively provide the most suitable solution for the property renovation.