16 July 2018

Designed to increase compatibility with older pipe layouts, Alpha Heating Innovation’s new Pipe Crossover Kit modifies the location of the gas inlet and the primary heating return with two easy-fit shaped copper pipes, to simplify the installation of a new Alpha boiler when replacing an older model with a different pipe configuration.

Compatible with all Alpha’s combination boilers, including the new E-Tec Plus, the release of the Pipe Crossover Kit will allow installers to easily adapt modern boiler configurations to fit with pre-existing pipe layouts. Previously installers would have had to cut back and reposition pipes to configure an older layout with a new system, so this kit will save installers time and excess work on replacement installations.

Alpha combi boilers have a standard pipe layout of – from left to right – gas inlet, domestic hot water outlet, cold mains water outlet, primary heating return and primary heating flow. This reflects the modern internal configuration of the components within the system and was designed to make new installations simpler by keeping the heating pipes and the gas inlet separate. The new Pipe Crossover Kit will allow the easy repositioning of the gas inlet between the hot and cold water outlets, while the heating return is moved to the far left of the boiler as was traditionally the arrangement with many older systems.

Darran Smith, Technical Manager at Alpha, commented: “While ease of installation was a key consideration when developing our boilers and pipe layout, replacing older boilers with old fashioned pipe configurations can be time consuming for installers. With our Crossover Kit solution, refits should now be as simple as first time installations with no need to cut back or relocate piping.”