• Up to 10 year warranty
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger for maximum combustion performance and safety
  • High output system boiler
  • Six models with outputs from 48-180kW
  • Fully modulated built-in circulator pump
  • Natural gas or LPG options available
  • Plume management kit available
  • Wide 1:10 modulation range to enable reduced output when required
  • Weather Compensation compatible
  • High energy efficiency
  • Single unit or modular formation options
  • Ultra low NOx emissions
  • Can be wall hung or fixed to ProTec NX freestanding frames
  • Concentric (room-sealed), open or twin flueing options


Easy to install, ProTec NX boilers can be wall mounted or fixed to our free-standing frames. With outputs ranging from 48kW to over 1MW, they combine high efficiency with low emissions. They can also be configured as either a single unit or in simple modular formation for even greater outputs.

In a cascade system, the boilers can be mounted side-by-side or back-to-back.

The individual boilers are connected hydraulically, something which can be easily achieved thanks to the availability of a comprehensive Alpha accessories range.

This includes a thermoregulation device which is capable of managing a maximum of eight boilers in sequence.

Distributing the heat output across more than one unit brings many key advantages:

All Alpha ProTec NX boilers are provided with new generation electronics, offering the best performances thanks to their regulation flexibility.


Commercial range brochure 2023 (8.33 MB) ProTec NX 48-68kW installation instructions (24.74 MB) ProTec NX 90-150kW installation instructions (27.54 MB)


Ideal for new and replacement/retrofit projects, Ares Pro boilers can be directly connected to the existing system.

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High output modular condensing boiler range providing a flexible and efficient commercial heating solution.

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