• Up to 10 year warranty
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger for maximum combustion performance and safety
  • High output system boiler
  • Six models with outputs from 48-180kW
  • Fully modulated built-in circulator pump
  • Natural gas or LPG options available
  • Plume management kit available
  • Wide 1:10 modulation range to enable reduced output when required
  • Weather Compensation compatible
  • High energy efficiency
  • Single unit or modular formation options
  • Ultra low NOx emissions
  • Can be wall hung or fixed to ProTec NX freestanding frames
  • Concentric (room-sealed), open or twin flueing options


Easy to install, ProTec NX boilers can be wall mounted or fixed to our free-standing frames. With outputs ranging from 48kW to over 1MW, they combine high efficiency with low emissions. They can also be configured as either a single unit or in simple modular formation for even greater outputs.

In a cascade system, the boilers can be mounted side-by-side or back-to-back.

The individual boilers are connected hydraulically, something which can be easily achieved thanks to the availability of a comprehensive Alpha accessories range.

This includes a thermoregulation device which is capable of managing a maximum of eight boilers in sequence.

Distributing the heat output across more than one unit brings many key advantages:

  • Higher efficiency compared with the use of a single boiler of higher heat output, which will have to work under a reduced heating load for large periods of the heating cycle, with lower system efficiency.
  • Multiple boiler cascade systems can be a very cost effective solution compared to single boiler installation.
  • Multiple boiler applications are more reliable than a single stand alone boiler and can maintain the heating function even when maintenance on one of the connected appliances is required. Alpha ProTec NX boilers are designed to be very easy to service with commonality of parts.
  • Even distribution of the heating load on all the appliances, which avoids the premature deterioration of one lead boiler compared to the other.
  • Cascade solutions offer a very flexible space saving alternative allowing the use of wall mounted boilers where the total required output may normally only be available from larger floor standing units.

All Alpha ProTec NX boilers are provided with new generation electronics, offering the best performances thanks to their regulation flexibility.

  • Managed directly from the new ProTec NX range
  • New boiler electronics make it possible to manage two zones (two direct zones and a DHW zone)
  • Independent temperature control of each zone
  • Differentiated OTC curves (4-point OTC curve)
  • Two dry contact thermostats, or
  • OpenTherm can be connected
  • Possibility of parallel operation in DHW and CH
  • The pump can run continuously in CH
  • Air purge function
  • Anti-Legionella (only when connected to a NTC sensor on the storage)
  • Operating temperature in CH 20-90°C
  • Delta T Function
  • Possibility of programming the heating and DHW time bands (ECO, COMFORT, OFF)


Ideal for new and replacement/retrofit projects, Ares Pro boilers can be directly connected to the existing system.

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High output modular condensing boiler range providing a flexible and efficient commercial heating solution.

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