Featuring high performance components including a stainless steel heat exchanger, ARES Pro boilers offer many advantages to specifiers and building occupiers alike. Delivering superior and reliable functionality this powerful workhorse is designed to aid quick installation and ensure long term performance and cost efficiency.


Features of the ARES Pro
  • Seven models with outputs ranging from 150-600kW
  • High water content design reducing burner switch on/off cycles and improving seasonal efficiency
  • Less installation space needed due to compact footprint
  • Option to use existing pump to minimise install work
  • Low resistance waterways
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger for maximum combustion performance and safety
  • Direct connection to the system, not necessary to use headers
  • Financial savings as pump and hydraulic separator/plate heat exchanger not required

Detailed Information

Product Choice

  • Seven models available in range
  • Outputs ranging from 150-600kW

Siting & Installation Advantages

  • Less installation space needed due to compact footprint
  • Direct connection to the system, not necessary to create a primary circuit
  • Option to use pre-installed pump to minimise install work

Boiler Configuration

  • Body constructed in 316 grade stainless steel
  • Easy to maintain vertical tube bundle
  • Patented flue pipes in stainless steel, with multi-fin inserts in Al/Si/Mg, tilted to improve discharge of condensate
  • Low NOx metallic multi-fibre cylindrical burner
  • Double ignition electrodes to ensure better and safer operation
  • Premix system with pneumatic control of the combustion ratio
  • Flue non-return valve (clapet) fitted to fan outlet

Design and Construction

  • The stainless steel tube bundle is immersed into the system water
  • System return pipe is located diagonally to the flow pipe, ensuring maximum efficiency
  • Large hydraulic manifolds to obtain maximum water circulation and low head losses
  • No return temperature limit


  • ARES Pro Installation and Servicing Instructions (6.35mb)

Compact footprint for small space installations With a compact footprint and no need for a pump and hydraulic separator/heat plate, Ares Pro boilers are easy and economical to install. Features such as a preinstalled pump option and high water content design for fewer burner switch on/off cycles further improve overall efficiency.


Products in this Range


High output modular condensing boiler range providing a flexible and efficient commercial heating solution.

ProTec Plus system boilers

The high output ProTec Plus range has been designed with siting flexibility in mind. All the boilers are compatible with our open or concentric push-fit flue systems. They are factory-fitted with a 'B23' type flue configuration, which can be changed to 'C' type by fitting the concentric flue adaptor.

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